To show creative proposals starting from a special request of the customer is our main target. We start  from studying the request then elaborate the drafts (low resolution) in 3D, passing to texturing, lighting and rendering,  postproduction in order to put the customer in a position to know in detail a product before it should be realized.

MODELING RATES photorealistic renderings INTERIORS and EXTERIORS


The package "Modeling a ONE VIEW (RENDER) included costs from 100 to 150 € (INTERIOR O EXTERIOR). Price depends on thew project and lead time. Accepted the quotation, the first essential step is  let us have by e-mail the files needed for developing the project.

3d white render cost from 50 to 75 euros.


It includes:

1. Relief with the measures;

2. Site plan on paper or digital;

3. Proposals regarding projects;

4. Available picture as a reference;

5. The photos.


The required information:

1. For how many rooms you need a rendering?

2. How many views are required?

3. The format you prefer?

4. Digital to use: FullHD format (5940×4200 at 300 dpi) or (4200х2970 at 300 dpi) ;

5. for paper: A2 size 300 dpi or A3 size 300 dpi;

6. for the tables: the higher rendering times and different costs;

7. Delivery time: standard (7-14 days) or urgent;

8. Quantity of decorative details.


To define the steps of working: we will continuously update you on the state of working by sending you e-mails that contain all the information related to the state of project development. You can request changes of materials, lights etc., at intermediate working stage, up to the final rendering. So you would be informed about what is happening.



1. 30% - advance payment

2. 70% - payment after the rendering performed



The payment may be performed by PayPal + commission or via Western union, Koronapay, Moneygram.